Wild Life in African Jungles



Africa has different types of habitats from jungles to grasslands and deserts. Africa is the second main continent after Asia it is the home of many animals of different size including mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects etc.

1. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus is the heaviest and dangerous animal and weighs up to 1,500kg and it is considered as the third-largest animal after the elephant and rhino. Hippopotamus is also recognized as the river horse.

Most Iconic African Safari Animals Hippo
Winfried Wisniewski/ Getty Images

2. African Elephant

African Elephant is the largest land animal its weight is up to 7000kg it is irregular and Elephant victim’s 500 deaths. Elephants considered as the largest existing animal on Earth. Some Elephants have smaller ears and some have larger ears.

Most Iconic African Safari Animals Elephant
Auscape/ UIG/ Getty Images

3. Crocodile

Crocodiles are aggressive animals, crocodile’s attacks deadly. Crocodile’s victims 300 deaths and found in lowlands, some species attacks humans Nile crocodiles mostly attacks on humans.

Most Iconic African Safari Animals Nile Crocodile
Ann & Steve Toon/ Robertharding/ Getty Images

4. Lion

Lion is the peak level of killer it kills animals and encounters 200 deaths of locals. Lions hunt and eat in groups. Lion populations are considered as weak in chosen protected areas.

A male lion standing up in the brush
TripSavvy / Jess Macdonald

5. Buffalo

Buffaloes will follow and kill humans if alone and they eat grass. Buffaloes are pictured as they are covered in mud with. The reason is that mud helps buffalo to get rid of parasites that handle their skin.

Most Iconic African Safari Animals Buffalo
Manoj Shah/Getty Images

6. Great White Shark

Great White Shark is the most aggressive shark towards human’s and charges at victim up to 40km and it can take a large bite. Great White Shark is also known as Pointer Shark. This Shark is a species of Mackerel Shark.

Giant great white shark thrills divers off Oahu | Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Giant Great White Shark

7. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros has weight up to 2,800kg and it’s ranked in second largest animal after the elephant. Rhinoceros has sharp horns up to the length of 64km. They have a specific diet, small brains, one or two horns, and a thick protective skin. 

White rhino in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa
Thomas Halle/ Getty

8. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is the biggest deadly snake in that grows up to 2.5m and is one of the world’s fastest snakes, moves  at 20km of speed, highly violent and one of the most deadly snakes in the world.

A Deadly Venomous Black Mamba Snake Startled Me in South Africa | by Klara  Jane Holloway | Globetrotters | Medium
Klara Jane

9. Cheetah

The wild cat cheetah lives in three main groups with females and their cubs, male coalitions and lonely males. While females lead a traveling life searching for victim in large ranges. The cheetah behaves lively during the day.

A cheetah lying in the sun
TripSavvy / Jess Macdonald

10. Zebra

Zebra likes lower quality plants they typically run away when threatened from dangerous animals but they also can bite and kick. Zebra species differ in social activities with plains and male Zebra attracts female Zebras.

Most Iconic African Safari Animals Zebra
Theo Allofs/Getty Images

11. Wild Dog

Wild Dog is the dangerous species and is mostly found in Tanzania’s National Park of South Africa. The specie is expert in hunting of antelopes this dog catches animals by chasing them to exhaustion. The enemies of wild dog are hyenas and lions.

Portrait of an African wild dog
Thomas Retterath/Getty

12. Hyenas

Hyenas are the dangerous hunters they have amazing biting power. In an overpopulated Africa hyenas and humans come in to contact. Some people leave the dead bodies of their family in the fear of hyenas.

Spotted Hyena
Ryan Green

13. Kudu

Kudu is the antelope species and can be divided in to the superior kudu and the smaller kudu species. Both can be identified by their white vertical chevron pattern, stripes and spots between their eyes.

Greater kudu
Peter Unger 

14. Giraffe

Giraffe is listed as the tallest animal on Earth you can think that giraffes can be easily spotted in forest. Their typical brown and white markings serve up as excellent mask and it is not strange for giraffes to appear out from the bush.

Most Iconic African Animals Giraffe
Volanthevist/ Getty.

15. Leopard

The African leopard is a type of leopard found only in Saharan Africa. Even with its broad range, leopards are in the middle of the trickiest of all safari animals to see. Leopards use trees to observe surroundings.

Most Iconic African Animals Leopard
Nigel Dennis/ Getty 

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