Diversity of Wild Life in Amazon Forest



The Amazon is extremely amazing place. There is the world’s largest rain forest, river system and biologically miscellaneous place on Earth. It contains many different species. The Amazon forest and fresh water systems are at risk.

1. What animals live in the Amazon
The Amazon is one of Earth’s last placements for harpy eagles, jaguars, pink river dolphins, home to sloth’s, black spider monkeys and poison dart frogs. There are different species in rainforest like plant species, freshwater fish species, and different types of reptiles.

Amazon Beautiful View.

2. How many countries does the Amazon length
This huge region has two thirds size of US connects eight countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and the overseas territory of France. It covers about 30 to 40 percent of South America.

Amazon River - Assignment Point
The map of Amazon Rain forest.

3. What kind of birds you can see in this Forest
In Amazon Forest there are more than thousand different species of birds like humming birds, channel billed toucans, hoatzins and macaws. The Amazon has diverse areas for birds in the world.

Birds of Amazon.

4. Why is the Amazon important
More than 30 million people lives in Amazon forest and includes 350 original and racial groups and they depend on nature for clothing, agriculture and traditional medicines. There is also a connection between the atmosphere of the Amazon in this planet. The rain forest contains about140 billion tons of carbon that helps to stabilize climate.

Greenry of Forest.

5. What threats does the Amazon face
The Amazon facing threats including deforestation from wide cattle ranching and agricultural development, poor infrastructure, prohibited and unsustainable natural resources and climate change.

Jumping Amazon horned frog

6. WWF is protecting the Amazon
WWF is working to protect the Amazon over 40 years. WWF works to give confront to the drivers of deforestation like cattle ranching, soy farming, hydropower, illegal and weak logging and communications.

In the care of WWF.

7. What is the Program of Amazon Areas

The Partners of WWF are launching an approach which is known as Project Finance for Permanence. In Brazil WWF protects millions of acres of the Brazilian Amazon. This network is called as the Amazon Region Protected Areas program.

The Program of Allies of WWF.

8. Impact of Climate Change in Amazon
Water and forests wild life depends on the change of climate that disturbs the networks of water and forests wild life. The Amazon suffers the worst years in 2005 and 2010. The Eco System of forest can lost because of poor ecosystem.

man making fishing net Amazon
Prepration of Changing of Climate in Amazon.

9. How to protect the Amazon
There are many different ways you can protect the Amazon Woods. You can educate people about the importance of Amazon Forest. Your food and other purchases have been produced and can buy products with the help of good equipments.

Brazil Urges Biden to Distrust Bolsonaro on Amazon, Climate | Time
Protect Forest from Changing Climate.

10. Rainforest Ecosystems and Animal Diversity

Frogs are such species which are rich in steamy rainforests and their richness is obvious. In Amazon Forest 81 species of frogs have been recorded which is the highest count of frog species in the world.

Ecologists Study the Interactions of Organisms and Their Environment |  Learn Science at Scitable
Rainforest Ecosystem.

11. Diversity and protection of Mammals

The Geotropical Region of Amazon includes complex condition. In spite of the variety of the Amazon rainforest there are 7 highlights of the importance of mammal variety.

mammal | Definition, Characteristics, Classification, Examples, & Facts |  Britannica
Mammals Protection.

12. Forest regions of the world

Brazil is the most crowded and main country in South America. It has an island of over 836 millions of forests cover about. Brazil was the residence to a number of original tribes

Forest area - Our World in Data
Forect Region.

13. Measurements and Formulations of Amazon

Woody vine from the Amazon rainforest used medicine since 2000 years. Its bioactive and its components include different kinds of chemicals. The series of alkaloids were isolated for this purpose

forest vine stock photos - OFFSET
Forest Vine.

14. Dimethyltryptamine

People of Amazon use the medicine (dimethyltryptamine) for spiritual purposes for thousands of years. People of South America and Amazon Forest get the dimethyltryptamine medicine from trees.

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): What You Need To Know - YouTube
 intense naturally psychedelic Medicine.

15. People of Amazon Forest

There are more than 350 religious groups that lives in the Amazon and depends on nature to live. The People talks about the importance of rain forests that this is the only way to keep people alive even our own life depends on this environment.

Amazon people | WWF
People of Amazon.

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